Phillip Fehr, General Manager, Fair Energy Inc.

I have completed a couple of different programs Alan Goff has led, which has been very positive for our entire organization.  Our personal growth has made us better leaders and more productive as a company overall.  My motive to engage with Alan was to help me raise the potential of our company through this tough […]

Tayt Kosabeck, Sales Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

I feel privileged to have taken Alan Goff’s leadership training, specifically ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ mastermind series.  I have experienced massive growth both personally and professionally as a leader in ways I can only deem as necessary to anyone in a management role.  Alan’s approach to facilitation is admirable and most definitely welcomed.  […]

Dane Campbell, Assistant Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

I have personally participated in one of Alan’s Mastermind series and can attest to its value.  After talking to Alan about how I could grow my own personal leadership abilities, I determined it would have a positive impact on the entire team I lead at Rona.   During the weeks of learning I have seen immense […]