Dan Duckering, President, DEXIO Inc.

Alan Goff is a leader who can leverage both his insight, developed through his commitment of being a life-long learner, and his vast real-life experience as a business leader. While being authentic and real can be a struggle for all of us, Alan strives to be honest about his past struggles and triumphs for the […]

Roch Dallaire, President, Gemini Helicopters Ltd.

I had the pleasure of working with Alan a few years ago and he was always very professional and delivered as promised. Alan has the quality of being very honest and will always give the information that is required no matter what the consequences. This quality is very important as it is the only way […]

Dane Campbell, Assistant Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

Alan Goff has been a driving force in my inspiration and development as a professional and a leader. I appreciate his straight forward approach, generosity and respect to tell you what you need to know, rather than what you want to hear. His expertise is to inspire and challenge you to be better tomorrow than […]

Tevis Sample, Principal, Slick International

Alan has worked with me in many of his weekend seminars, and as a personal coach. In this time, the growth I have experienced has been staggering. The ‘how’ that has been missing from all other programs is now in place. The amazing part, after only one week of applying the material and principles Alan […]

Roberta Brunin, Owner, Strategies for Life

Alan, is brutally honest in his coaching. He isn’t going to pussyfoot around and make you feel good. He delivers… I was stuck and didn’t know how to get out of my rut. I truly enjoyed working with Alan, well worth the investment. I definitely feel he is outstanding in his meticulous attention to his […]

Jimmy Lefebvre, President/Principle Director, Apex Results Inc.

I do NOT recommend Alan Goff, if you are satisfied with being average, happy being stuck, not willing to learn how to do better or put in the effort to change, then Alan is not for you. If you are serious about taking your life and business not only the next level, but to take […]

Glenna Anderson, Managing Partner, Supplement King

Blessed to be coached by such an amazing man!

Matt MacDonald, Franchise Owner, Supplement King Kelowna

Alan goes above and beyond for his clients. Adds value very quickly – I always look forward to my calls with him. I highly recommend Alan.

Andrea Fehr, Author

Alan’s coaching will provide you with life changing tools. Applying those tools resulted in me reaching my goal of writing a book and equipped me to move on to starting my own organization. I’ll never be able to thank Alan enough for coaching me!

Karla Holzer, Franchise Owner, Supplement King Saskatchewan

Alan has made such a huge change in my leadership in such a short time. I’m very thankful to be working with him and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Highly recommend!