Tayt Kosabeck, Sales Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

I feel privileged to have taken Alan Goff’s leadership training, specifically ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ mastermind series.  I have experienced massive growth both personally and professionally as a leader in ways I can only deem as necessary to anyone in a management role.  Alan’s approach to facilitation is admirable and most definitely welcomed.  It was my first training in leadership.  I applied the concepts and benefited immediately.  Alan actually demonstrates tremendous skills of leadership and teaching that inspired us all to assume our roles as leaders in ways we had never considered before, but needed to.  His personal touch (stories and practical ‘real-world’ examples) to the material added common sense, and great depth, making it easy to understand and actually apply.   I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to take training or coaching from Alan, to do so without reservation.