Rodo Terceros, Director/Administrator, Peace Wapiti Public School Division

Alan, your presentation and classroom skills are exceptional. Even though the sessions were in the evenings after a long day at work, you captured everyone’s full attention. Your examples and stories were clear and simple so that even now I can still remember them and share them with others.

Your sessions helped me identify my current areas of strength while at the same time; identify areas in which to grow. Previously, courses and books about leadership applied to my work, but for the first time, yours helped me apply it in every area of my life. This is the best tool I’ve ever received.

I enjoyed “Delegating Tasks and Developing People” the most. It showed how to develop others while delegating work is something that we need to do each day. I learned that when you delegate, you make others responsible, respect their ideas and ultimately they grow. I’ve made changes in my office in order to apply this principle and I have already had very good results. ‘The good holds us back from great’ is another principle I just can’t get out of my head. You’ve really challenged me to grow even more.

With the changes I’ve implemented in my office, my family and myself, I feel renewed and am seeing positive fruit in my staff and colleagues. Thank you so much for your excellence. I am anxiously waiting your return.