Dane Campbell, Assistant Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

I have personally participated in one of Alan’s Mastermind series and can attest to its value.  After talking to Alan about how I could grow my own personal leadership abilities, I determined it would have a positive impact on the entire team I lead at Rona.   During the weeks of learning I have seen immense growth in my team.  They have developed a new passion for their individual positions, as well as their impact on the overall crew here at Rona.  They have also developed a deeper understanding of how their strengths and weaknesses impact those around them.

To describe the general observations of my entire management team in two words, I say ‘Profound Growth!’

My personal experience is much the same.  I have developed more skills and understanding of how to grow in my own leadership.  To be frank, 10 weeks isn’t even long enough.  Which is why I intend to continue my training with Alan.  I have realized more of my vision, goals and navigation through his facilitation and I highly recommend it – and him – to anyone who endeavors to build a more solid team and increase their leadership influence.