Alan has spoken to C-Level executives, sales and network marketing professionals in a wide variety of industries, colleges, schools, governments, sports teams, churches, non-profits, and numerous associations. He knows how to create an intimate setting to thousands of people.

Alan’s strength and impact is obvious. He has been described as a Results Consultant, Achievement Accelerator, Goals Guru, and Success Coach. And you’ll see some of each of these characteristics in this unconventional Achievement Guru that is Alan. Truly, there is none other quite like him.

Whether at the front of the room in a corporate workshop, around the boardroom table, or on a large conference stage, Alan shares from his extensive research, personal experiences, disastrous disappointments and wickedly wild wins. Alan has been developing achievers since 2006 through a systematic, principle-based process he uses as President of Achieving Goals Inc.

He is a catalyst for you – and your team – to achieve what you previously thought you couldn’t, or have up to know, only failed to achieve. He’ll help you act on your intentions, go beyond compliance and gain commitment, shoot morale through the roof, increase involvement and become the leader others want to follow.

As a blurter of brilliance, inspirational badass, and transformational awesomist, Alan’s platform presence was highly-developed through working with world-renowned organizations such as The John Maxwell Team, The Dale Carnegie Organization, Toastmasters International, Bob Proctor Seminars, ROI Leadership International, and Ziglar Training Systems.

His obsession for leadership and achievement exploded when during one 12-week period of time, he raised revenues 150% while retaining an impressive 32% profit margin with a struggling oil & gas service company he once owned and operated. Don’t tell Alan you can’t achieve BIG goals FAST!

If you want to see real change in your life, or the life of your organization, connect with Alan. As an enthusiastic catalyst for excellence, Alan provides you with proven tools, and teaches you how to use them to achieve remarkable results. It’s time to turn intent into reality!