Meet Alan: Award-winning Speaker, Results Consultant, Success Strategist, and President of Achieving Goals Inc. Alan is a man of passion, perseverance, and action who can turn your intent into reality.

Alan relies on his real-life knowledge and experiences (of both success and failure) on a daily basis to provide an entirely different approach to helping others realize their own achievement. Alan doesn’t just teach what he knows – he teaches what he lives, which is where real transformation takes place.

Communication is in Alan’s DNA. Alan dreamed of being a professional speaker since the age of 10. He has dedicated his life to his craft, and his own personal brand of excellence, accumulating a long list of awards and accomplishments, and a provable track-record of success, to back it up.

He is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of certified leadership speakers, teachers, and coaches. The Metropolitan Executive and Professional Registry has recognized Alan for ‘Outstanding Leadership and Achievement’, and he’s a recipient of Dale Carnegie’s prestigious ‘Highest Award for Achievement’.

Alan has worked throughout Canada, the United States, and around the world, also being published in New York City’s ‘Mainline Magazine’ and the Canadian Institute of Management’s ‘Leaders in Management.’ Alan has been featured on the CBS program ‘Leading Experts’, and is a frequent guest on numerous internet and broadcast radio programs.

At the end of the day, however, Alan is human. He has earned success, and felt the burn of mistakes. Alan’s unique ability is demonstrated when he turns personal experiences into thought-provoking presentations on how to achieve remarkable results.

Whether on the platform in front of an audience of thousands, or coaching a small team, or even talking one-on-one, Alan connects with people. He’s honest, open, and vulnerable; willing to share his struggles, mistakes and failures. Alan walks his audiences through those challenges, and demonstrates how he produces results.

Even in the face of failure and difficulty, Alan teaches his audience how to live up to their full potential, find purpose, and realize the conviction to turn intent into reality.