Alan has spoken to C-Level executives, sales and network marketing professionals in a wide variety of industries, colleges, schools, governments, sports teams, churches, non-profits, and numerous associations. He knows how to create an intimate setting to thousands of people.

Alan’s strength and impact is obvious. He has been described as a Results Consultant, Achievement Accelerator, Success Coach, and even, ‘The Godfather of Goals’. And you’ll see some of each of these characteristics in this unconventional man that is Alan. Truly, there is none other quite like him. Read more


Tired of mediocre results? Tired of almost achieving success? Want to skyrocket your life and business to the stratosphere? Spend a year with ‘The Chuck Norris of Coaching’ and watch what happens!

Most coaches, consultants and speakers function more like a nanny… holding your hand and allowing you to wallow in your issues. They sweet talk, entice, and cajole, but rarely lay it on the line, follow through with consequences, or care enough to confront their clients with tough love: Not Alan. Read more


"“You were WONDERFUL!!!  Everyone is STILL talking about you!!! I am even practicing your tips and... Read More"

- Susan Carroll, Government of Alberta, Employment & Immigration

"Once again, your presentation was outstanding!  We’re so glad we had you back.... Read More"

- Lorena Iceton, Association of Administrative Assistants

"Your motivational topic was both appropriate and timely given the current economic downturn and the ... Read More"

- Pete Merlo, President, LSM - Lee’s Sheet Metal Ltd.

"I’ve been a C-level executive most of my career. I’ve heard a lot of speakers, the best of the b... Read More"

- Keith Baldwin

"I have heard many great speakers including Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker; and can honestly say that ... Read More"

- Travis Lutz, President, Out There Media

"Thank you for what you do. You need to speak to more Canadians. You are good for the country.... Read More"

- Darren Weeks, Founder, Fast Track Group

"Another fantastic session from the UofA (University of Alan). You have lifted my spirits with yet an... Read More"

- Glenn Gallenger, Fast Track Capital

"Although this was just a lesson on leadership, you’ve changed my life today. When I get home, my w... Read More"

- Chris Matson, VP Sales & Engineering, DuraKast Concrete Products

"Alan, you’ve got a wonderful knack for getting everyone involved. This was an accomplishment that ... Read More"

- Brian Kranzler, President, School Plant Officials Society of Alberta/ Alberta Education

"Alan Goff is amazing!!!!  He is far beyond any traditional therapist, shrink, or counselor (no offe... Read More"

- Renee Callahan, Design Artist, Salon West

"Alan Goff is an exceptional coach, as he takes his time to make sure every speech/ presentation I’... Read More"

- Miranda Pybus, Miss Rodeo Canada Competitor & Finalist

"Alan has been mentoring and coaching me for around 9 years now. My background was that of a troubled... Read More"

- Chris Doran, Chief Financial Officer, Blastaway Enterprises (former CEO, Cashflow Strategies)

"Alan is a positive force that challenges me to be the best I can be finding hidden potential and uns... Read More"

- Kimberly Talmey, President, KAT-al-yst Coaching and Counseling Services

"Working with Alan was not easy ;-)... He is straight forward and uses a no-excuse approach in extrac... Read More"

- Scott Campbell, Owner, Energetic Services Inc.

"Alan came alongside me, pulled me out of the depths of despair, set my feet on a strong foundation, ... Read More"

- Someh Niengor, Owner, DG Real Estate & DGD Homes

"Alan Goff is a great coach. He is helping me develop and shape my speaking and training business. He... Read More"

- Jonathan Ettie, President, Kalculated Decisions Limited

"Working with Alan has been a breath of fresh air. He is a true master of his craft. Our experience h... Read More"

- John Anderson, President/CEO, Supplement King

"I have known Alan for a number of years now, both as a professional and a friend. He is a stand up i... Read More"

- Sheldon Dietz, Owner, Real Canadian Property Management

"Alan has made such a huge change in my leadership in such a short time. I’m very thankful to be wo... Read More"

- Karla Holzer, Franchise Owner, Supplement King Saskatchewan

"Alan’s coaching will provide you with life changing tools. Applying those tools resulted in me rea... Read More"

- Andrea Fehr, Author

"Alan goes above and beyond for his clients. Adds value very quickly - I always look forward to my ca... Read More"

- Matt MacDonald, Franchise Owner, Supplement King Kelowna

"Blessed to be coached by such an amazing man!... Read More"

- Glenna Anderson, Managing Partner, Supplement King

"I do NOT recommend Alan Goff, if you are satisfied with being average, happy being stuck, not willin... Read More"

- Jimmy Lefebvre, President/Principle Director, Apex Results Inc.

"Alan, is brutally honest in his coaching. He isn't going to pussyfoot around and make you feel good.... Read More"

- Roberta Brunin, Owner, Strategies for Life

"Alan has worked with me in many of his weekend seminars, and as a personal coach. In this time, the ... Read More"

- Tevis Sample, Principal, Slick International

"Alan Goff has been a driving force in my inspiration and development as a professional and a leader.... Read More"

- Dane Campbell, Assistant Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

"I had the pleasure of working with Alan a few years ago and he was always very professional and deli... Read More"

- Roch Dallaire, President, Gemini Helicopters Ltd.

"Alan Goff is a leader who can leverage both his insight, developed through his commitment of being a... Read More"

- Dan Duckering, President, DEXIO Inc.

"Thank you for inspiring me and impacting my team. You have helped us gain new perspective on leaders... Read More"

- Chris Clements, Pastor, Christian Fellowship Assembly

"For the first time in 50 years I now understand myself, through your course, which will enable me to... Read More"

- Gary Clarke, Executive Vice President, Simpson Motors

"I found the training to be insightful. Not only for myself, personally, but in how I view and deal w... Read More"

- Gia Gulino, President, The Mortgage Firm

"In view of what the training team was able to accomplish for Buildfolio and the deep insights that t... Read More"

- Guy Tcheau, CEO, Buildfolio, Inc.

"This was a great opportunity to explore myself and make significant changes in how I approach life. ... Read More"

- Manager, Suzuki Motors, Puerto Rico

"Leadership is the capacity to turn others into leaders; developing their talents, skills, and ideas ... Read More"

- Irma Sotogras, Finance Comptroller, Suzuki Motors Barbados

"I think all companies must invest in seminars like these. The topics covered are excellent and defin... Read More"

- Manager, Suzuki Dealership

"I’ve finally had break throughs that I’ve waited five years to achieve. Thank you for the time y... Read More"

- Graham Elger, World Financial Group Securities of Canada

"Thank you for the excellent day yesterday Alan, everyone got something of value from it and we’ve ... Read More"

- Joe Letourneau, Agent/Owner, Co-operators Insurance

"Your leadership session on Saturday will change my life. Thank you.... Read More"

- Darryl W. Olson, President, La Crete & Area Chamber of Commerce

"This training was excellent… I suggest we extend this program to all employees at First Caribbean.... Read More"

- Anne Ferguson, First Caribbean Bank, Bahamas

"I think the EPIC program is one that should be taught at all levels of the business. The information... Read More"

- Andrea Smith, First Caribbean Bank, Bahamas

"One of the best training programs I’ve ever had. Very useful and necessary training that should be... Read More"

- Deborah Albury, First Caribbean Bank, Bahamas

"Thank you for providing your leadership training. I have benefited tremendously from my involvement.... Read More"

- Aleta Peterson, Director At Large, White Rock Theater Company / Coast Capital Playhouse

"Alan, your presentation and classroom skills are exceptional. Even though the sessions were in the e... Read More"

- Rodo Terceros, Director/Administrator, Peace Wapiti Public School Division

"Attending your leadership sessions impacted both my professional and personal life. I am now better ... Read More"

- Brian Peterson, Principle Director, BAP Designworks

"I have personally participated in one of Alan's Mastermind series and can attest to its value.  Aft... Read More"

- Dane Campbell, Assistant Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

"I feel privileged to have taken Alan Goff's leadership training, specifically ‘The 21 Irrefutable ... Read More"

- Tayt Kosabeck, Sales Manager, Rona Inc. Grande Prairie

"I have completed a couple of different programs Alan Goff has led, which has been very positive for ... Read More"

- Phillip Fehr, General Manager, Fair Energy Inc.

Meet Alan: Award-winning Speaker, Results Consultant, Success Strategist, and President of Achieving Goals Inc. Alan is a man of passion, perseverance, and action who can turn your intent into reality.

Alan relies on his real-life knowledge and experiences (of both success and failure) on a daily basis to provide an entirely different approach to helping others realize their own achievement. Alan doesn’t just teach what he knows – he teaches what he lives, which is where real transformation takes place.

Communication is in Alan’s DNA. Alan dreamed of being a professional speaker since the age of 10. He has dedicated his life to his craft, and his own personal brand of excellence, accumulating a long list of awards and accomplishments, and a provable track-record of success, to back it up.

He is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of certified leadership speakers, teachers, and coaches. The Metropolitan Executive and Professional Registry has recognized Alan for ‘Outstanding Leadership and Achievement’, and he’s a recipient of Dale Carnegie’s prestigious ‘Highest Award for Achievement’.

Alan has worked throughout Canada, the United States, and around the world, also being published in New York City’s ‘Mainline Magazine’ and the Canadian Institute of Management’s ‘Leaders in Management.’ Alan has been featured on the CBS program ‘Leading Experts’, and is a frequent guest on numerous internet and broadcast radio programs.

At the end of the day, however, Alan is human. He has earned success, and felt the burn of mistakes. Alan’s unique ability is demonstrated when he turns personal experiences into thought-provoking presentations on how to achieve remarkable results.

Whether on the platform in front of an audience of thousands, or coaching a small team, or even talking one-on-one, Alan connects with people. He’s honest, open, and vulnerable; willing to share his struggles, mistakes and failures. Alan walks his audiences through those challenges, and demonstrates how he produces results.

Even in the face of failure and difficulty, Alan teaches his audience how to live up to their full potential, find purpose, and realize the conviction to turn intent into reality.



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